Time is running out to use CARES Act funding.

Our online, pre-application portals qualify for CARES Act funding by allowing citizens, developers, and businesses to understand zoning and permitting requirements and fees while limiting in-person interactions.

Open your virtual permitting counter with CARES Act funding.

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Increase staff efficiency and promote economic development.

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Reduce in-person meetings by moving services online.

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Launch in a matter of weeks with setup by public sector experts.

5 steps to using CARES Act funding to purchase OpenCounter:


Schedule a demo to learn how OpenCounter can help you solve COVID-19 challenges using CARES Act funds.


OpenCounter provides you with a funding justification template to apply for CARES Act funds.


Submit the funding request to the appropriate funding director. (OpenCounter can help you identify the administering authority for your jurisdiction.)


Obtain approval to use CARES Act funds to purchase OpenCounter.


Purchase OpenCounter.

Schedule a demo to learn how we can help you solve COVID-19 challenges using CARES Act funds.

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Reduce repetitive Q&A with our online zoning & permitting portals.

Business Portal

Help entrepreneurs to understand the costs and requirements of starting a business.

Residential Portal

Show homeowners how to stay in compliance on home improvement projects.

Special Events Portal

Guide event planners through the process of organizing large-scale events in public spaces.


Help applicants to understand how the zoning ordinance will impact site selection and project requirements.