Solutions for Economic Development

Make it easy for new businesses to become a part of your city’s economic engine.

How OpenCounter helps

Give applicants the white-glove treatment while saving staff time.

Permitting is a complicated web of processes. But with OpenCounter, you can transform business formation into a linear sequence that begins with a single point of entry. By expertly guiding business owners to an understanding of the permits they need — all on their own, without calls, emails, and trips to City Hall — your staff will save thousands of hours every year usually spent answering those redundant pre-application questions.

Position your city as a friendly place to start a business.

Dense municipal code and opaque processes impede economic development, meaning only those with the funds to outsource permitting to an expeditor cross the finish line. To add transparency, drive equal opportunity, and ensure entrepreneurs feel supported — not deterred — during permit discovery, OpenCounter uses natural, everyday language to quickly connect anyone to the information they need to open their business.

Get real-time insights into business development trends.

Which zoning codes are people searching for most? Is there a raft of applicants looking to open restaurants in your historic district? Our admin dashboards make it easy to track emerging trends and critical metrics like service utilization, development hot spots, and the types of projects the public is interested in starting — giving your city the data needed to inform updates to the policies and regulations shaping your economy’s future.

Our solutions in action

OpenCounter has tidied up the many loose ends we’ve had for the past two or three decades. Now, people can come in and say, ‘I have my business license, now how do I get my building up to fire code?’ OpenCounter helps us catch a lot of issues before they become headaches.

Questions? We’ve got answers

They sure can! We'll explore whether your city wants the solution we configure to be detailed and granular or kept at a high level during our initial discussions.

In short, anyone in any department who has a hand in your town's zoning and permitting process! We want to know what City Hall's pain points are from multiple perspectives so we can identify how best to configure our products to meet your needs and make those challenges a thing of the past. That means working closely with staff in Economic Development, Planning, Development Services, Building, and Community Development, to the Chief Technology's Officer's Office and Innovation, as well as city administrators and senior leadership.

Project time frames depend on the scale of implementation. We can deliver a single customized portal in fewer than two months, whereas a suite of portals will take between three and six months to deliver. (But remember, our white-glove service means we do all of the heavy lifting!)

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