Zoning Portal

The Zoning Portal helps applicants understand the impact of the zoning code on their construction or business projects.

After prompting applicants for a land use (project type) and address, the Zoning Portal displays a map of clearances specific to the land use. The zoning map takes into account overlay districts and secondary questions, like whether a restaurant will serve alcohol or have live entertainment.

By presenting complex zoning clearances with an intuitive user interface, the Zoning Portal allows applicants to perform basic zoning inquiries without requiring time and resources from City staff. It also captures valuable search analytics that staff can use to see trends in their communities, and to plan for future re-zoning efforts.

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Parcel-Level Data

The Zoning Portal incorporates Assessor information including parcel boundary and APN.

Parcel data
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Zoning Results in Plain English

The Zoning Portal unpacks the zoning clearance to help applicants understand the various layers of zoning code and how those impact the project.

Zoning data

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