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Learn how the City of San Diego drives economic development while saving thousands of hours of staff time.

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Central Falls, RI

Zoning Business


Bozeman, MT


Cincinnati, OH

Indianapolis, IN

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Atlanta, GA

Charlotte/Mecklenburg, NC

Zoning Business

Chattanooga, TN

Zoning Business

Gainesville, FL

Zoning Business

St Petersburg, FL

Zoning Business

Tuscaloosa, AL


Chula Vista, CA

Zoning Business

Las Cruces, NM

Zoning Business

Mesa, AZ


Morgan Hill, CA

Zoning Business

Oceanside, CA


Pleasanton, CA

Zoning Business

Rancho Cordova, CA

Zoning Business

Redding, CA


Riverside, CA


Sacramento, CA

Zoning Business

Salt Lake City, UT

Zoning Business

San Rafael, CA

Zoning Business

Santa Cruz, CA

Zoning Business
Santa monica

Santa Monica, CA

Scotts Valley, CA

Zoning Business

Tracy, CA

Walnut creek

Walnut Creek, CA

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What our customers are saying

"Our experience with Open Counter has been incredible. The rapidity they respond, the quality of the product and the knowledge they have about land uses and permits is essential to our success. We are happy this innovative product will enhance the experience in San Diego when obtaining permits."

Bubble green Erik Caldwell, City of San Diego, Economic Development Director

"The City of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County has a complex zoning ordinance and two jurisdictions for permitting. Open Counter was able to overcome this challenge and make our processes much more seamless and user friendly. Open Counter provided us with courteous, responsible and accessible quality service which has allowed us to implement this quality tool for the benefit of our citizens."

Bubble green Nan Peterson, City of Charlotte, Customer Service and Permitting Manager