Answer applicants’ permitting questions before they get to City Hall.

Most permitting software lets applicants apply online, but how do they know which permits to apply for? OpenCounter helps applicants answer pre-application questions without calls, emails, or visits to City Hall, while streamlining staff processes for increased efficiency.

What is permit discovery?
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Your permit discovery platform.

Easier for applicants means easier for staff.

The OpenCounter platform makes permitting and licensing projects easier, from start to finish. Applicants learn where their project is allowed, which permits they need, and how much they cost, without even having to ask city staff.


Business Portal

Help entrepreneurs to understand the costs and requirements of starting a business.

Discover the Business Portal


Residential Portal

Show homeowners how to stay in compliance on home improvement projects.

Discover the Residential Portal


Special Events Portal

Guide event planners through the process of organizing large-scale events in public spaces.

Discover the Special Events Portal



Help applicants to understand how the zoning ordinance will impact site selection and project requirements.

Discover ZoningCheck

Questions? We've got answers.

Project time frames depend on the scale of implementation. We can deliver a single customized portal in fewer than two months, whereas a suite of portals will take between three and six months to deliver. (But remember, our white-glove service means we do all of the heavy lifting!)

Costs will vary depending on the population size of your jurisdiction and the number of portals you procure. Regardless of the scope of services, however, rest assured that OpenCounter has affordable pricing models for jurisdictions of all sizes.

Yes, we can. We have three levels of integrations available — light, medium, and deep — to ensure our products work seamlessly with any or all of your existing systems.

Making permitting easier for:

Rancho Cordova CA 38.590596 -121.27
Pleasanton CA 37.6570068990503 -121.878610220485
Santa Monica CA 34.011719 -118.4905604
Elk Grove CA 38.4087993 -121.3716178
Morgan Hill CA 37.1289549 -121.674972
Truckee CA 39.3272892 -120.1871785
Indianapolis IN 39.7668235426734 -86.146179989714
Los Gatos CA 37.2212862166866 -121.979277649443
Fremont CA 37.490935 -121.94109
Petaluma CA 38.2326745231118 -122.644181423533
Oakland CA 37.7919407 -122.298834
Oceanside CA 33.2259559 -117.3875816
Redding CA 40.5741234 -122.5031577
Mesa AZ 33.4151677362032 -111.830699812646
Gainesville FL 29.653469 -82.3328766
Los Banos CA 37.0583 -120.8499
Manteca CA 37.8003172 -121.2343846
Walnut Creek CA 37.9016335 -122.0633733
San Diego CA 32.7167583235389 -117.162879794966
Cincinnati OH 39.1040858 -84.5217022
Orlando FL 28.538208289582 -81.3788790044617
Asheville NC 35.5951 -82.5515
Atlanta GA 33.7488933 -84.3925818
Las Cruces NM 32.343936 -106.9514661
Salt Lake City UT 40.7608 -111.891
Placer County CA 38.9044154 -121.0828648
Detroit MI 42.3526471 -83.1692443
Syracuse NY 43.041916 -76.1558474
West Hollywood CA 34.0905698 -118.3725673
Mashpee MA 41.616835 -70.4928461
Barnstable MA 41.6742771 -70.3544901
Concord CA 37.974216 -122.010485
Hamilton OH 39.3995 -84.5613
Paducah KY 37.068412 -88.654323
Pasco County FL 28.3647 -82.1959
Fort Worth TX 32.7555 -97.3308
Omaha NE 41.2565 -95.9345
Pittsburg CA 38.028 -121.8847
DeLand FL 29.0283 -81.3031
Sandwich MA 41.759 -70.4939
Pearland TX 29.5636 -95.286
Rexburg ID 43.8231 -111.7924
Miami FL 25.7617 -80.1918
Fremont County CO 38.440985 -105.242447

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