Orlando Sees Increased Business Tax Receipt Applications Online During COVID-19

During COVID-19, we haven’t been sure what we’d see in permitting trends. Will homeowners continue doing renovation projects? What permitting needs will local businesses have from City Hall?

In Orlando, online applications for Business Tax Receipts have been way up since June 2020.

What explains this trend?

Firstly, the city’s Permitting Services Division, the in-person option for permitting, has not yet reopened to the public, so many applicants are now choosing the online submittal option.

Additionally, as part of a Small Business Grant Program by the Orange County Government, Orlando mandated that applicants must have a Business Tax Receipt with the city in order to qualify for the CARES Act funds. So in order to get business relief funds, applicants must first ensure their BTR is in good standing, which has led to higher BTR compliance across the city.

But simply putting an application online is not enough. Orlando has also made the permitting process easier to navigate with web pages centered on how to get a permit and offering virtual permitting appointments to handle questions applicants may not be able to answer online.

With these efforts in place, Orlando is making it easy for businesses to stay in compliance and access relief funds with modern, online permitting services.