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Maximize resources — and ROI — with an efficient, modern permit discovery solution.

How OpenCounter helps

Save staff from a sea of permit discovery questions.

When constituents can’t navigate permit discovery themselves, they turn to staff for answers, costing your permitting experts tens of thousands of hours every year repeatedly answering the same pre-application questions. With OpenCounter, anyone can find the information they need — and they can do it in minutes. So when it’s time to head to City Hall, they’re ready to have an informed discussion.

Boost ROI by working smarter, not harder.

Don’t view digitizing permit discovery as a line item in a budget, think of it as a civic investment. Because when staff doesn’t have to juggle tedious tasks like answering questions and reviewing incomplete forms, they’re free to tackle the critical initiatives that generate revenue and improve their community. With OpenCounter, you’ll gain the efficiency needed to make that happen.

Improve the constituent experience.

Whether it’s not knowing where to start the process or why their application was rejected, applicants often feel stranded during permit discovery. OpenCounter offers you the chance to expertly guide applicants using a single point of entry, easy-to-understand language, and the ability to find permit information from any device, 24/7/365.

Our solutions in action

Until now, there have been very few tools to give entrepreneurs and small business owners a clear breakdown of the processes involved. OpenCounter eliminates confusion on both sides of the counter, giving staff a powerful suite of tools to analyze proposed projects, and giving citizens a level of service that reduces the discovery process from weeks down to a few minutes.

Questions? We’ve got answers

Yes! Cities of all sizes have captured tremendous ROI and time savings for their internal staff. Cincinnati saved nearly 27,000 staff hours in just one year, thanks to our intuitive, easy-to-use portals.

Very little! All we need is for you to upload your ArcGIS shapefiles, permit catalog, municipal code, and other relevant data — then we do the rest! Once we've finished the configuration, we'll need your team's help during the testing and quality assurance process to ensure OpenCounter meets all of your needs.

There are various funding sources available — from general funds or a line item in the annual budget to economic development and IT funds, grants, and federal stimulus funding. (Read how your city can procure OpenCounter using Coronavirus Relief Funds through the American Recovery Plan and the CARES Act.) Some customers implement modest increases in their permitting fees to offset the cost of their OpenCounter subscription.

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